Ball Return Worries

Okay one thing i was worried about was how close the trident gets to either the driver’s or the coach’s head when the balls are being returned.

On our practice field I have gotten hit a few times, (I am 6’ 3"). Just wondering if anyone else was having the same problem.

I’ve noticed the same thing, im 6’ and i havent gotten hit yet, but gotten awfully close, and a ball or two has crashed down on the DS… i havent had human players practice while were in the middle station too much anymore. It worries me having balls crashing down around 500 dollar laptops and drivers. I foresee the need for a safety net or overhead lexan or something of the sort

In my very limited experience… if I end up on the drive team (IRI Mentor Tournament would be the most likely place for that), I’m wearing a helmet.

This year reminds me of 2005 with the falling tetras (well and HP that year had to dodge robots too).

We had hard hats that year for everybody. We bought new ones this year.

Sigh, the good ole days. Those tetras were great game pieces.

Human player will just have to be calm I think. Being in a rush could lead to fumbling the ball, and poking/hitting someone with the trident: 2 accidents which could occur simultaneously.

good thing me and the drive team always wear helmets.

Good old days? Try aim high, I was a driver and got hit multiple times. That was crazy! I also got smacked with a tetra from the opposing alliance when I put them in the wall. My fault of course, but wow those things are heavy.

But your helmets have horns. What if they puncture the soccer balls and pop 'em like balloons? That would not be good at all.

I’d take a poof ball traveling at less than 30 ft/s to the head more readily than an 8 lb tetra falling 3-4 feet on my head, any day.

Back on point, ball return peoples need training! Proper training should alleviate most of everyone’s worries.

Here’s a worry: the ball falling off the ramp. A team at Peachtree knocked the ball onto the field with the trident, and incurred a 22 point penalty!

I’m 6’ 2" and coach, so I’ve stood directly below the rails on multiple matches. But I totally trust our human played, he has never tridented me yet!

i think other then getting hit on the head wit a balls is the field glitching on counting if you return the balls or not. when we plaid at the new orleans regionals we finish the game winning 7-0 but because a small ball counter problem we got 29 penalty points (what i heard that all the human players said they did return all the balls back to the field ) so we ended up tieing the game. so other then wearing a helmet be careful of the balls

I almost got speared in the face with a trident at the GKCR :stuck_out_tongue: just managed to duck down in time to miss it