Ball shooter video collection

Here is a collection of FRC ball shooting videos we have pulled together. Does anyone have something we should add? We know there has to be more

:slight_smile: I posted a quarter of those videos

Thanks, guys!

Recently? or over the years?

A few years ago

Well thanks we went through them all

This is my favorite shooter robot of all time, it is relatively simple, mechanically repeatable (compression of balls isnt an issue and the reduced spin on the ball makes CoM less of an issue) and the angle of the shot could be modified for this years game.

If I had a team this year I would already be building a prototype of this system.

Team Titanium in 2009, their robot was amazing in the finals at 10,000 Lakes, they could throw the empty cells halfway across the field into their goal very accurately. We almost lost because of them!

Great additions I will get them added to the post