Ball Shooters

This is my rookie year of being on a robotics team, and I’m interested in robot shooters. What types of shooters does your team usually use and what are the pros and cons? Thanks.

Here’s a few resources you might find helpful:


Our team had good success with both Hooded (Infinite Recharge) and Two-wheel horizontal in Stronghold. Both were very fast and did the job.

We chose hooded, because of the exceptionally large High Goal in IR. We could shoot from about four spots. Consistent shots.

The Two wheel was to try to get the Boulder off the center line in AUTO, that became a non-factor and we abandoned that. But it was super fast intake and shooting into the low goal

Additional Threads that might be helpful:
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Hi, I have a question about the hooded shooter design: Do you design the hood such that the compression is constant from the entrance (first contact with the flywheel) to the exit (last contact with the flywheel) or does the compression progressively increase from entrance to exit?
I remember reading/hearing somewhere a few years ago that progressively increasing compression results in greater energy transfer and hence better range, but I cannot find that information anymore.

This post talks about increasing compression.

Generally, we’ve used a constant compression in our wheeled shooters.

Thank you for the link!
That post and the Shooter Hood and Geometry thread which refers to it provide useful insights.
Glad to know that constant compression hood works. We will test with constant compression first.


We spent several hours yesterday testing CARGO exit velocity vs. compression. We found very little difference between 0.75in and 1.75in of compression on our setup. We measured ball exit speed with a radar gun and wrote a bit of it up here.

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