Ball Speedometer - LabVIEW Application

I wrote a LabVIEW VI to measure ball speed using two IR sensors spaced a few feet apart detect when a ball passes by. The NI USB 6009 interface measures the analog voltge from each sensor (using a pull up resistor in series with the signal). A LabVIEW VI is used to determine the time difference between the leading edge of the signal from each IR sensor.

The Block Diagram of the VI is not elegant (and I’m sure there are cleaner ways to code the VI) but the front panel looks pretty clean.

Front Panel View of the LabVIEW Speedometer VI

I’d be happy to send the VI to anyone that would like to give it a try with their system & shooter - just drop me a note and I’ll email the VI.

That is a nice looking Front Panel and a great application…thanks for sharing with other users!!


Team 525 would like to try your ball speed VI.
Could you please send a copy?
We have the USB 6009 also.

Thanks, Ray Gitchell

I think this would be an excellent thing for NI Pilot Program teams to build if you have the means - I can see something like this being in high demand during a regional. I’ll provide a LabVIEW VI that does something similar if teams would like to build one (I’ll even provide some crude instructions on building one). Anyone a taker?


SPAM (Team 180) should have their’s up and running at the Florida and Palmetto regionals. Look for them in the pits or near the practice field(s).

From what I see and remember, this is the one Vince made and will be used at official competitions during inspection.

This video was taken at the UTC scrimmage the Saturday before ship date, and was tested and used a bunch of times.


Could you please send (or post) a copy of the vi if you received one. Team 525 would still like to try a ball speed tester.

Thanks, Ray

Hi Ray -

I didn’t see the earlier post you made (must have been building a robot or something) - if you send me an email at (maybe the phisher programs won’t spot this as an email adress with the -AT- in the note) I’ll shoot you out the VI - the program and rig seem to be helpful at the Regionals I’ve been at - Cheers - Vince