Ball spinning during intake

Has anyone else had a problem where during intaking, cargo will become stuck spinning against the floor and bumpers of the robot? How did you overcome this?

Part of the problem we had at Ventura regional were field balls and carpet were different than even the practice carpet with beat-up balls (which I presume were due to extremely heavy wear on the carpet and balls), which made testing and diagnosing the issue extremely difficult.

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We have a bumper bar that passively falls out of the robot at the beginning of the match. When we run into a ball the bar prevents it from spinning on the bumper


What’s up 696! I reviewd a few of your match videos and I think I could offer a few suggestions, one or more may be required to actually resolve the issue:

(1) Increase ball compression by moving the lowest roller slightly closer to the bumper. this may be accomplished by using a slightly larger diameter wheel, and - if your going to change them - a slightly more compliant wheel type wouldn’t hurt.
(2) Decrease the spacing between each roller to reduce high and low spots between the ball and the roller.
(3) If you got the weight and space, a kick-up bar (as suggested by Zooberri) is my personal favorite.
(4) the fastest (and possibly worst) option to consider is the tie crosses of surgical tubing between the wheels you already have. Think 2 or 4 rubber spokes that stick out a little passed each roller intake wheel. I really don’t like this option; but I can’t say we haven’t used it a handful of time in the last decade.

Roller Shaft="-", Surgical tubing =“X”, Wheel = “II”

loved your y’alls climb btw, best windmill I’ve seen so far!

Hope this helps!

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