Ball Visibility

What exactly qualifies for “clearly visible”, when it comes to balls at the beginning of the match. We have an opaque funnel-like mechanism, clearly visible from the front and top (in fact, open). However, beyond that, one or two balls might be underneath other balls, and thus not ‘clearly visible’.

Is this valid as per G13, or are we going to have to scramble tomorrow to make plexi windows?

From one angle ALL the balls must be visible so the referee can count. I think you need to start cutting.

[EDIT] Wayne Doenges has it right, go by what he said ;).[/EDIT]

If a ref can walk over to your robot and be able to count the balls quickly without having to bend over or move anything, you should be ok.


Here’s the official from FIRST Q&A:

The referee will stand near (not sit, squat, lie prone, jump, hover, or float above) the robot while examining the robot to determine the contained ball count. Teams should not assume that the referess will go through any gyrations or assume special postures to enable them to determine the ball count. Note the Rule <G13> requires that contained balls “must be clearly visible from outside the ROBOT.”

Hope it helps :slight_smile: