Balls in the grasp and fouls

Is a ball that is in the grasp of a robot part of the robot for determining fouls.

IE: if you push a ball into an opposing robot that is in the opposing key, have you committed a foul?

If you use a ball to tilt the opposing bridge, have you committed a foul?

We don’t plan to do this, but it’s better to know than not to know…

From the Q and A…

Game - The Game » Robot-Robot Interaction » G28
Q. Does the transitory rule apply to a G28 foul if the only contact between two robots is a ball (and one of the robots is touching their key, bridge or alley)? FRC3005 2012-01-11
A. Yes

We were red-carded last year for accidentally (that’s what my driver told me) hitting a tube into a robot trying to deploy a minibot.
At all times be vigilant and know your robot’s surroundings.