balls & referees...

Posted by Anton Abaya at 1/12/2001 10:56 PM EST

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

i wonder how much effort it’ll take the refs to take the balls out in every round…consider they’d have to tip those things over each time.

…i miss the yellow balls. i made a lot of happy faces with them. one of them even talked. (yes, we have mental problems)


Posted by Rick Gibbs at 1/13/2001 7:01 AM EST

Engineer on team #145, T-Rx, from Norwich High School, Sherburne-Earlville High School and Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals.

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Posted by Anton Abaya on 1/12/2001 10:56 PM EST:

Has anyone else noticed that balls will NOT be returned to the field if they leave the field? That brings up an interesting design option - a fast robot that can boot nuisance black balls off the field to lessen risk of getting caught under the bridge, etc.

Posted by Nick at 1/14/2001 9:49 AM EST

Student on team #240, Mach V, from Jefferson Monroe High School and Visteon.

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Posted by Rick Gibbs on 1/13/2001 7:01 AM EST:

Or better yet shoot them at drivers on an adjacent field!

Posted by Jessica Boucher at 1/13/2001 11:51 AM EST

Student on team #237, Sie-H2O-Bots, from Watertown High School and Eastern Awning Systems & The Siemon Company.

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Posted by Anton Abaya on 1/12/2001 10:56 PM EST:

Thats not the refs taking them out each round, thats the volunteers resetting the game - sometimes refs do start the job but I expect the volunteers to be doing a lot of it, which should be funny, because as far as I remember, at regional and national competitions the set-up volunteers are friends & fam of FIRST and/or DEKA employees (as far as I know, there might be some that aren’t, but most I talked to were), and MUCH shorter than the goals themselves.

-Jessica B, #237

PS - I miss the yellow balls too!

Posted by Matt Leese at 1/13/2001 6:21 PM EST

Other on team #73, Tigerbolt, from Edison Technical HS and Alstom & Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Posted by Anton Abaya on 1/12/2001 10:56 PM EST:

Yeah, I think the yellow balls tended to be more round then the black ones. We always had trouble with the black ones jamming last year. I believe it was because they were underinflated (but don’t quote me on that). And why’d they go and pick black when everyone has yellow one’s lying around (not that my new team does because we didn’t compete last year).

Matt, dazed and confused (not sure where that came from but it might have to do with the fact that I was up by 7 am on a Saturday to do FIRST)

Posted by Ken Leung at 1/16/2001 1:45 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

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Posted by Matt Leese on 1/13/2001 6:21 PM EST:

The yellow and the black balls are actually pretty different, just the material are different and you can tell just by trying to squeeze the them. And yeah, the black ones are harder to handle. The black ball bounce around a lot more then the yellow one. So why they are using black this year? because they want to make your life harder, and as I said before, the supplier sold too many yellow ones and now have too much blacks sitting in the warehouse somewhere out there.