Baltic Birch Plywood Supplier in Nor Cal (Mountain View/San Jose)

Any teams near the Mountain View-San Jose region have a local vendor for Baltic Birch plywood? I’m looking to DIY some tables, but I figure teams might find the info useful as well. I’m seeing at least a few options on Google/Yelp, but I’m hoping to get some testimonials from local teams.

Aura hardwoods is good.


This is proof that SLO is, infact, the NorCal / SoCal dividing line.

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Given how often I’ve seen 973 at 254’s practice field, I almost forgot that they aren’t a local team.

Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply in Mountain View. I have been going to that location for over 60 years. It is where GRT gets it’s Plywood for laser cutting.


Seconding Aura - used them for school projects and personal projects. Great place.

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