BamBams and Thundersticks

Just curious, I went to a Orlando Magic game a couple of weeks ago (not that im a magic fan or anything, im a die hard Dallas Mavericks fan) but they gave us these BamBam things they look like these

so i was wondering, have any teams thought about giving these away, because in my 5 years at UCF, one at Philly, and one at CMP’s i havent’ seen these when i would expect them to be quite popular.

I’ve seen these at competitions before… either in MD or at UTC… can’t remember.

But yes, I have seen team sponsored ThunderSticks.



Personally, I’d classify these as obnoxious noisemakers. Mind you this little tidbit from the rulebook is probably second only to the saving seats rule in how often it is ignored.

We used to have MOE Stix click for sound. They were 2 peices of wood cut to about 1 foot long painted MOE GREEN and black. they were banned in 2004. they were really really loud but great fun and a really great way to get the noise level and spirit level raised anywhere they were used. Now we use our wobblies.

I think Terminal Supply Company gave Thunderstix out at Atlanta one year. They were black. I still have a pair somewhere.

I recall them arriving in the kit of parts, at least in 2006. (I was around to inventory the kit that year, and I found it a little odd that they’d include them.)

Some team had those at champs this year… extremely aggravating.

Another team banged pool noodles together… Also extremely aggravating. They banged them at completely random times that would hardly be considered cheering… If anything they were just screaming “Please don’t like us!!!”

BAE gave these out at the Manchester regional in '05.

Are they the “We have the pieces that fit your parts” people? Because they gave them out last year and this year (not sure about years previous to 2006 as I wasn’t there).

Someone on my team always manages to find some thundersticks and beat me with them, however, I have overcome this problem by perfecting my thunderstick ripping technique.

I am not a big fan of thundersticks, since they are LOUD. I guess obnoxious is a matter of opinion, but they qualify in my book.


418 sat in front and to the side of Team 148 at Lone Star Regional. They sat way up in the stands. While their team was on the field they did cheers with pool noodles. Cool cheers. It was very loud due to the pool noodles and the size of their team and supporters. It was great. They only used them during that time and when their team left the field, 148 put their noodles down and didn’t pick them up again until their next match.

148 was one class act and fun.

i didnt see 1100’s Noodlestix mentioned…

they went outside the box by using the pool noodle bumpers, painting them up with thier team name + # and have been using them just as “bambam’s” since 06

Team 980 had ThunderStix back in 2003 - they were give-aways at our regionals and at the Reliant Dome. We restricted our “use” of the ThunderStix to when Team 980 was introduced before a match, when the match scores were posted and when anyone was announced as an award recipient. I recall that some of our team members traded ThunderStix with another team in Houston (was it Wildstang???)

BTW, Terminal Supply gave ThunderStix away in Atlanta this year.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one to think these are extremely obnoxious. When we were… somewhere (i forget), a team had these big sticks they were banging on the floor (I was getting a horrible headache), and when I asked them to stop or not bang them all of the time, the guy replied, “What, we’re just cheering!” I know that FIRST has a rule against noise makers, but how can they judge what is cheering and what is going over the edge? Also, when we were in Atlanta, our team was standing and cheering when our robot got out on the field, but we were politely asked to sit down by the team behind us (their robot was not on the field). How can FIRST regulate that? I don’t mean to offend anyone by this post, but some teams need to consider those around them. For instance, my grandma came to Atlanta, and some teams were so loud that she had to spend most of the time outside!!

Ewing High Mu Mu Psi handed them out in Trenton. I like the idea of thundersticks, mostly because they are loud and fairly easy to make noise with. <Selfish> As for considertaion of others around us…quite frankly, if you can’t take the noise, bring a pair of earplugs.</Selfish>