BAN the person above you!


Banned for taking 2 years to join Chief Delphi. Shame on you :smiley:


Banned for having joined CD over 14 years ago!


Banned for moving FAR away from your team.


Banned for being on the West Coast!


Banned for “being a splendid one to behold” according to CD reputation.


Banned for hashtagging his custom user title


Banned for stacking animals.


Banned for not proudly diplaying your team’s name in your signature :ahh:


Banned for hypocritical banning. Notice that you said “signature,” not “header,” or something similar.


Banned for having no signature


Banned for being weak to ground types


Banned for less posts than your combined team number.


Banned for less posts than your combined team number

Banned for the same reason :smiley:


Banned for too much posting.


Banned for promoting your twitter.


Banned for being from Michigan


Banned because your country is trying to kill everyone.


Banned because I would do worse if I was a chaperone. I mean, just look at that acronym in your signature. You’re clearly implying that kissing is super safe.


Banned for having the same rookie year as me.


Banned for having less posts, but more reputation, than me.