BAN the person above you!


Banned for having the post under you disappear.


Banned for having no team affiliation


Banned for restarting this thread.


Banned for being a similar age to me, but being a year lower in school and having a season more than me of FRC


Banned for using the same profile picture as me!


Banned for being a software guy. Quit complaining about not having the robot to test auto, you were supposed to be done with that in Week 5 of build.:stuck_out_tongue:

[Not a ban] My bad, I was trying to catch Wil Payne.[/Not a ban]


Banned for running Season Long Fantasy FIRST and eating up too much of my time


Banned for coastal superiority complex :slight_smile:


Banned for daring to have a team number one lower than ours :eek:


Banned for thinking mousepads are an acceptable replacement for green compression wheels.


Banned for having a hecka good vault bot.


Banned for being a hitchhiker.


Banned for having too many favorite numbers


Banned for not going to champs…

i cri every time


Banned for not specifying which champs.


Banned for a boring signature.


Banned for banning my mentor!


Banned for being a CAD :smiley:


Banned for being on CD for nearly 18 years and still not rage quitting first.


Banned for waiting a year before joining CD