BAN the person above you!


Banned for not coming up with any ideas


Banned for not giving example ideas.


Banned for hypocrisy. You could have said Banned for not giving me any ideas as to what to ban you on. Please don’t ban me for that…


Banned for asking someone not to ban them don’t you know what game you are in.


Banned for causing all the problems in the world. FIX IT PROGRAMMING!


Banned for making programming fix all your problems


Banned for making programing do less work


Banned for standing up for someone not in your group

(I sound like I’m unappreciative of you standing up for people. Don’t mean to lol)]


Banned for apologizing


Banned for not apologizing


Banned for using duality bans.


Banned for using punctuation


banned for capitalizing letters


Banned for falsely banning me as I only used a singular capital letter and you said “letters”


banned for saying @Shelby_Lamp said “letters” when @Shelby_Lamp actually said letters


banned for @ing me 2 times in one post


Banned for not using MLA format by not spelling out 2 as two.


Banned for hypocrisy


Banned for not being creative with your ban


Banned for hypocrisy AGAIN