BAN the person above you!


Banned for banning me for hypocrisy


Banned for not coming up with a creative answer at all, in any way, shape, or form, AS WELL AS banning me for a reason that I have used. (If it doesn’t make sense welcome to the club)


banned for making me read a lot


Banned for finally coming up with a creative ban


Banned for complimenting me


Banned for some random non creative answer


Banned for having a team number only 7 lower than mine


Banned for not having a perfect square as a team number.


Banned for not being in the 222 gang


banned for being in the 222 gang


Banned for not liking the 222 gang (yes I know most of them aren’t around anymore)


Banned for being part of a gang. Gangs are bad kids. Here in frc we prefer cults.


Banned for no team number


Banned for not being on the frc discord where you would know my team number.


Banned for speaking of discord


Banned for banning


Banned for banning yourself


banned for banning yourself twice


Banned for supporting cursed images