BAN the person above you!


banned for not realizing that you can just join next time! :+1:


banned for finally getting a profile picture.


lol :rofl:

banned for acting like it is a bad thing to have a profile picture


banned for using the laughing crying emoji tilted like 70 degrees to the left.


Banned for not referring to it by its name: Rolling On the Floor Laughing.


Banned for emoji pedantry


Banned for lack of punctuation.


banned for changing your avatar


Banned for restating a ban that has already been used.


Banned for assuming that I knew I was restating a ban that was already used to ban another person, Gellnick! :smiley:


Banned for not knowing I already banned flash for that.


Banned for banning TheFlash for that.


Banned for talking about me without the @ symbol.


Banned for criticizing @gellnick for not using @TheFlash


Banned for defending someone


Banned for missing punctuation.


Banned for naming your account after a Superhero.


Banned for having random numbers in your username.


Banned for using a "_"instead of a space.


Banned for assuming I chose a “_”. I originally had a space but with the change to discourse it changed it.