BAN the person above you!


Banned for assuming I can read your mind when you made your account.


Banned for making an excuse for making an assumption on my name.


Banned for not making excuses.


Banned for banning the same person 3 times.


Banned for naming your account after a squirrel and not having a squirrel as your profile picture.


Banned for not acknowledging that my user card background is a squirrel.


Banned for not realising I said Profile Picture not the Card Background


Banned for not realizing that I did, in fact, notice that you said profile picture and was banning you for an entirely unrelated reason.


Banned for clarifying why you’re banning someone else


banned for banning your own team member.


banned for banning @Mika1820 who was in fact banning @Squirrel2412


banned for not realizing that @Mika1820 is on the same FRC team as @Squirrel2412


Banned for assuming that she’s on my team.


banned for assuming that I didn’t double check your profiles before making my post. (which I did do)


Banned for assuming that I implied that she wasn’t on my team


banned for thinking I thought you were implying that she was not on your team when I was actually just explaining to you how I was not assuming…


Banned for banning a member of the Mafia in FRC M4 Game 1.


Banned for breaking our Snapchat, er Chief Delphi streak.


Banned for not breaking our CD streak


Banned because this thread is not yours.