BAN the person above you!


Banned because I feel like it


Banned because facts don’t care about your feelings.


Banned for referring our god bencil sharpiero.


Banned because I feel like it.


Banned for implying no one else does random stuff


Banned for implying you do programming


Banned for not implying


Banned for not giving anyone something to work with and starting a 5-day pause


Banned for bringing up two seperate reasons to ban someone in one ban.


banned for not bringing up 6 reasons to ban, banned for having a profile picture of a beach, banned for writing numbers out not using the actual number, banned for taking 2 hours to reply, banned for banning for 2 reasons, banned because why not.


Banned for making me read a lot.


Banned for not making me read a lot, but making me think a lot.


Banned for being on a team that awesome orange hats during you events.


Banned for not being on Team 100


Banned for not being on team 107.


Banned for banning me for not being on Team 107


Banned for doing CAD, and other random stuff


Banned for doing electrical and not CAD and other random stuffs


Banned for doing random stuff


Banned for trying to program a Casserole.