Hello again, I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there that juggles both band and robotics.

I DO!! I know there are a bunch of FIRSTERS who are also in band. I play flute in Marching band and Wind Ensemble, and it is a lot. Lucky for me, most of marching band is before build season starts, but I do need to choose sometimes…like nationals or the band trip for the past two years… :rolleyes: I’m going to Nationals this year though and hope to see all of you there!


Cool, I play the clarinet in my marching band and wind ensemble. I also cringe play the tenor sax in jazz band. what circuit does your band compete in?

I’m not in band anymore (i used to play in the jazz band and advanced stage band), but since i do trade at my school , i’m not allowed to take band (dumb, i know). But, i do manage my time between playing with a band :slight_smile: i play bass in a rock band :slight_smile:

I have been juggling basketball pep band/robotics.

Here’s my run down:
Pep Band - Drum Major
Marching Band - Former trombone player, current Drum Major
Varsity Band - Trombone (I cover the baritone part on trombone)

I plan on being in Symphonic Band next year and possibly Jazz Band.

There’s enough band people on 226 that we schedule regionals around band competitions (to a point). :smiley:

lol, If there is a major band event (like marching band in the fall when we have our pre-build season meets), we won’t have a meeting that day since alot of the team is a member of Marching Band.

It must be nice. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure we compete in USSBA competitions, and then one with Music Festivals…this spring we are going to the Caribbean to compete, which is going to be interesting haha. And being in a rock band is AWESOME I must say. If you are in marching band, what field show(s) did you do this past year? (We did Aerosmith- Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Dude Looks Like a Lady, and Walk This Way, and Hanson <the composer not the pop group> - Chorale and Alleluia, Romantic Symphony, and Hanson Finale)

Lets see we did five shows, I’m not sure I can remember them all…

Cartoons - Flinstones, Jetsons, Animaniacs, and Muppet Show
John Williams - Jurrasic Park, Olympic Fanfare and Theme, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and one other I can’t remember

I’ll come back later with the rest.

We are in the LMBA, and the farthest I’ve been to perform a show is virginia lol. My band director is kind of stuck in the past, so we pretty much do no pop tunes :(. This past year my band did “Myths and Legends” ( Old Castle, Nimrod- from the enigma variations, and the hut of babba yaga).
THe year before, however was pretty good. It was a latin show featuring mucho Mojo, spain, and the land of make-believe.

Call me a geek, But suggested to my director a videogame music show for this year :slight_smile:

I do both. :slight_smile: … and am looking forward to doing both in the same day.

Rock on!!!

Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers

Andy B.

  • Ewww!!! Competitive bands!!! * =P

I’m not in band, but my older sister is. And a couple kids on the team are in band. It’s a non-competitive marching band. They high-step. They play Black Sabbath songs. They rox0rz. :]

Anyway, the kids on the team who are in band seem to handle doing both really well. I guess it’s also good that none of the robotics trips clash with the band trips.

music rocks (literally!)

Pep band flutist o’er here… A few friends and I are trying to start a rock band as well… But I doubt that’s going anywhere

:slight_smile: i’m not in band, but i’m in **orchestra ** (violinist for 6 years!), as well as robotics. :slight_smile:

i remember last year, when i was in chorus (because my school didnt have an orchestra yet) i had to miss the last day of UCF because i had a competition. one of our drivers had to come to the competition too, but at a later time, so when he arrived i got the full low-down on what happened last year on the most important day at UCF.

i got really lucky this year though; i have a district-wide competition tomorrow… if it were 2 weeks from now, our human player wouldnt be able to attend (she’s in orchestra with me (sting bass)) along with a pit crew member (he’s in orchestra too (cello)) and i wouldnt be able to attend either.

I am our school’s marching/concert band. I play the baritone. I am not going to Phoenix this year because of it (We are playing the full Lord of the Rings Suite - the “symphony for band” - at a concert on that Saturday). Hard music, but really, really cool.

yes, I do, although my band has practices during the day. and it has musical orchestra practices from around 7-11 pm in the fall, so it doesn’t coincide with robotics.
i never realized the trend between robotics and band though…

Our band did a Hero’s Themed show, playing: Rocky Theme, Shaft Theme, MI6 (James Bond spin off rewritten as a drum solo by our staff), and Armed Forces Salute…We were gonna do Prince of Theives but ran out of time… Our band got a I at festvile this fall, w00t!

This is cool, I never knew that there were so many instrumentalists in robotics! Man, It would be cool to be in a high stepping band!

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Hey now, I tried :slight_smile:

Hey I’m in band at my school too, we are in concert season right now so most of our rehearsal time is during the school day. We are about to start sectionals, so thankfully that didnt interrupt build season. Last year I did have an issue because spring contest was on the same day that our regional was, so I had to miss Lone Star, but that’s not an issue this year. I prefer marching season in the fall though, its more fun. I am a senior and the shows we have done are Jimmy Buffett (my favorite), Motown, West Side Story, and this year our show was Santana. I am a trumpet player, and we have a reputation for being cocky, but hey, when you’re the best, why not show it right? Jk, lol. And I dont know about the high-stepping band thing…