Bandit I CNC Help

Right at the beginning of build season this year, our team was lucky enough to get a Bandit I CNC mill. Of course, we didn’t have much time to play with it during build, but now some of the members of our team would like to learn how to code a CNC. Problem is, the Bandit I doesn’t seem to use standard g-code, and I haven’t found any useful sites online that talk about it, as the mill is an older machine. Does anyone know someplace we can go to pick up a user’s manual or a website that has good documentation?

Thanks. is probably your best resource. If you ask for help there, someone is likely to have the answers.

you might also try asking on

I’ll check those out. Thanks.

I will check with our machinist and get a better response hopefully.

I know he has an NC Fadal and uses Key Creator to create the code to send to the CNC… Sorry I am not much help, but I will get an answer from him.