Bandwidth Exceeded - trying to download classmate image files

When I go to this link to download image files for the classmate…

I get this error message…

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

… and ideas beside the obvious one of trying again later?

Same thing here.
My machine doing the download (for 13 hours) decided to download security patches and reboot itself.
When I went to restart I got the Exceeded message.

I’ve emailed frcteams, still waiting for a response. Really need those images for our RQBS next Sat.

Rookies have a USB stick with the image in their kits. Only veterans need to download the image (if the don’t want to install the new software individually).

Only about half my RQBS sign ups are rookies, and then I have to deal with missing/forgotten sticks for the rookies, etc…

I’m sure this will probably be fixed early in the week…

The problem I have is that anyone who got the FIRST Choice Classmate needs an OS.

I also find it a blessing when repairing Classmates for teams who have mucked up the installation or collected viruses on it.

I got all the images, but don’t think I have a way to provide to others.

Same thing is happening to me.

From the KOP Technical Resources site:

**Update: **The Intel site hosting the Classmate Image is currently down. We are working with Intel to fix this problem. Thank you for your patience!

We could always setup a Torrent. Have the FIRST community be part of the infrastructure. Once a few people have the file, it could potentially maintain itself for a week or two.

In the next several hours I should have most of the important files setup on a mirror. I have a message out to Intel about being a mirror for the files. I have not heard anything as to a yes or no but I did get a response that they are looking into it. Anyone needing the files please send me a PM and I will let you know if/when they’re ready and if I can allow access to the files. I am not posting that they are ready to go in case they come back saying no I may not.

We need a copy - Team2232 for our FIRST Choice classmate. I think it is a 11. We would also like the 09 to re-image our old Classmate. The 09 we would like is the C++ version.

Let me know if I can download them.

Team 2134 would also like a '09 classmate image.

Some mexican teams are asking for the files too (specially the file E11_DEV_2013_271212.7z). Our team can make available a temporal FTP account in our server so a team that has the files can upload them. There are no space restrictions in the server.

You are not allowed to re-host those files for public access. P2P filesharing on the other hand is perfectly okay by my reading of the FRC blog.

The files are up again directly on the intel website

There ya go peeps!

Dont forget about the other updates

And so begins another 20 hour download :rolleyes:
I need to pay for faster Internet access, but it’s hard to beat $20 a month.