Bane Bot replacement gears?

Our team is using two 42 mm 256:1 banebot transmission and 1 36 mm 256:1 gearbox. We have had problems with stripping the brass gears used in the gearbox, and I have been thinking about switching to steel. I emailed Bane Bots to request specifications for the gears used in these transmissions, but they said that the information was not currently available. I would like to know if anyone knows the specs for the gears, or if anyone knows a source that I could order steel replacements from.

sry, I’m not sure what the dimensions are, as far as our team has seen the banebot transmissions fail in almost every aspect when applied to full usage, you might just run into more problems if you order steel gears, might suggest just not using their transmissions? If thats not an option, good luck

I agree, it sounds like you are using the transmissions past the (unspecified by Banebots) design parameters.

256:1 reduction gives a LOT of torque, if you load the transmission too much, something has to give. These little transmissions just are not big enough to handle that much torque.

Is there any way you can reduce the load on the gearboxes? maybe add some type of counterbalance, or spring, or gas spring, or surgical tubing, or something?

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We are currently working on adding a gas spring to reduce the load

We used bungie cord and a couple of pulleys to balance our arm that uses the 36mm. The only time we stripped the gears was when we made a hard mechanical stop smacking the arm against the frame on the way down before the programers had the correct limit variables set on the pot. Our lead engineer also showed the kids how to attach the motor using a torsion bar to give the motor, 36mm reducer, and arm a little room to play to avoid hard stops and starts. So far so good. There is a little wobble at the end of the arm before it settles down when we hit the presets, however, the wobble seems to be a lot less than the wobble in the spider. It would be kind of hard to redesign at this point. We did not consider steel gears and can not offer any help there. Good luck!

Your other option is guessing at things. If you can accurately measure the OD of the gear, OD = (teeth + 2)/DP. For English gears of standard make, at any rate. So DP = (teeth + 2)/OD in that case. And then guess at 14.5* pressure angle and see if you luck out. Or buy 14.5* and 20* and see which runs. This is a pretty approximate method, of course.