Bane Bots P-80 PROBLEM

So today we were running two of the old p-80 banebots gearboxes (similar to those from the 2007 KOP but with a hardened carrier plate) and they sounded a little off. We measured the current and they were pulling around 13 amps under only the load from the gearbox. We tested a CIM with no gearbox and it only pulled around 3. We fiddled with them and it seems that the end of the CIM/pinion gear is sticking too far into the gearbox. We then ran similar tests on one of the new P-80s (same reduction) and had a similar problem. We’ve made no modifications to these gearboxes, and it seems like more than a coincidence that this is happening on 2 of the old ones and 1 of the new ones. Have any other teams experienced this problem? We may be missing something very obvious, but I would suggest that teams using similar gearboxes test the current and see what they find. We are currently machining plates to raise out the spacer/CIM mount and believe that should fix the problem. That should be done by tomorrow so I will get back with the results then.

We had a similar problem when we used the Dewalt gear boxes. We just ground down the shaft and gear a little so it clears.