Banebot 2 motor adapter

Does anyone have the overall dimensions for the Banebot 2 motor CIM adapter? (Width and height) Overall, I’m guessing it’s about 2.5" x 6.0", but a better dimension would be a big help.

Has anyone bought one of these and assembled it? There seem to be some dimensional issues with the single motor, any problems with these?



we ordered ours, but i can tell you the demensions when it comes it, probably wednesday. But i looked at the pictures and i estimated 2x5x3. It looks pretty snug to the cim height in verticle direction so i said 2’, then across it looks like a half inch gap between the cims and a quarter inch on the sides, so 5". Then the 3 inch depth was just pure estimation. But i dont think my numbers are drastically off.

Well, considering the small CIM is 2.5" round, it’s going to be at least 2.5" tall. Looking at the pictures it looks like there is no overhang on the height, which is where I got my 2.5" height.

2 motors x 2.5" = 5" wide, plus about 1/2" spacing b/w the motors. Add a little extra room to be conservative for overhang and such, and I came up with about 6.0"

Due to our layout this year, we need to stuff our trannies onto the rear wheels, instead of the middle wheels. While I’m not all that happy about this, it makes the overall packaging much easier and cleaner. Therefore, the width dimension on these adapters become pretty important to me. I tried to fit them vertically, but they’d be scraping the floor…

So, if anyone has already received their adapting plate, an actual dimension would be great. BTW, I’m fairly disappointed in the amount of documentation/drawing support for the Banebot Kit parts. I love the support from IFI and AndyMark for their gearboxes/frames/products. Why can’t all vendors be like them?


woops, yeah, somehow i knew that. lol. The shipment comes in tomorrow, so i can get specs for you on wednesday (robotics doesnt meet tomorrow for my team).

ok, my caliper is on (inches)…
2.5 on the dot for height, 5.73 width, 1.7 depth. On the bottom is a pill shaped plate that is a tad bit thicker than 1/8 inch; .153". This plate does not extrude pass the main body of the casing.

If you want any more messages, just ask. (soon rather than later because once we mount these things, it may be a little bit of a problem getting the measurements.


I designed for a 6" o/a width, so it looks like I game myself some breathing room. I know some folks were looking for these dimensions on another thread, I’ll be sure to link them to your post.