Banebot 64 to 1 on Spike?

Are the banebots motor gear box combo 64 to 1 allowed to be on a spike or do they have to be on a victor? Thanks

Rule <R92> says that only the CIMs and Fisher Price motors need to be connected to speed controllers.

So by not mentioning the banebots that means they can be on a spike?

This question is not directly answered on the schematic or manual. However, the current rating is above the spike capacity. They should be on victors. They could easily blow the spike fuse. Looks like this issue was overlooked.

Yes they can be on a spike, but I would want them on victors. They only have forward/reverse or brake, I’m pretty sure they aren’t variable though like victors.

Spikes are good for lights, solenoids, etc. I suppose if your motor was in a situation where it could be full forward/full reverse, then a spike would work, assuming that all other victors are used up.

I would refer this to the QandA. The potential current draw of the
banebots motor is high enough that it should not be put it on a spike.

I agree this should be referred to Q&A. The Spike is rated for 20A continuously and 100A for 2 seconds. The RS-540 motor will draw 42A when stalled. So if you have the BaneBots gearmotor mechanically coupled in a way that could potentially stall the motor, you could potentially blow the fuse on a Spike.

If your mechanism is designed to run at constant speed whenever it is energized, and if you intend to used the Spike fuse as your means of stalled-mechanism protection, then per the current rules you might want to use a Spike. However, if you haven’t thought about all this in advance you could experience difficulty diagnosing what went wrong when your mechanisms stalls and then won’t work at all – unless you remember to look for a blown fuse.

Thanks alot everybody! We will go with the victors!