Banebot Gearbox

We tried to take the metal plate off like your supposed to but couldnt get them off. Anyone know what size we need. Nothing we had worked and the ones that looked like they fit just would slip. They seem to be in there very tight.

FYI the allen screws are English I don’t remember the size but I assembled them not to long ago

I’m not meaning to hi-jack this thread, but has anyone else had problems with their gearbox jamming? One of the boxes is fine, but the other ones keeps jamming up. We have taken it apart and re-assembled it numerous times to no avail.

P.S. the allen wrench size is: 3/32" for the plate.

Much appreciated. If i can figure out where we put our allen wrenches ill let you know if ours jam. Maybe put some grease on em.

Thanks, we’ve added more grease, but still nothing. I look forward to your response though!

UPDATE: We figured out what the problem was, apparently, the bushing was too long on one of the motors, so we ground it down on the lathe and all is well!

Using 3/32" only works for half of them for us. The others use something large than that but its smaller than the 1/8" wrench. Its so annoying. Im going to have to see if I have a 7/64" wrench or figure out what the heck is wrong with these screws.

Has anyone pulled one apart? Is there only that one bearing I can see from the outside? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be wise to slap a wheel smack on there without another bearing eh?

I haven’t pulled apart the gearbox yet, but I was wondering the same thing. Dr Joe, care to give an answer to this?

While picking up the KOP at the Manchester Kickoff, I noticed that FIRST had built a couple practice bots. One robot used the new Banebot Trannies, and left the drive shaft fully cantilevered. Below you can find a picture. I was quite surprised to see if used in this configuration.](

I don’t think I’ll be using it in this configuration, but YMMV.


I too have concerns about shaft loading on the BB trans. If we were to use the 2 cim adapter and use 2 sprockets to duplicate last years 4 motor 4 wheel drive kit bot, can the 56mm trans take that shaft load and input? Has it been tested. Is the bearing support necessary for a 2 sprocket load? Can the 56 mm trans handle 2 cims? Would a safer bet be 4 cims 4 trans? Joe any comments?

I hate cantilevered loads. But I learn to live with them if their is good support for the shaft and if the loads are not too great.

So… …my first recommendation is that you figure out a way to support the end of the shaft if you can. In fact, I recommended that FIRST put the bearing plate in the kit.


There ARE two bearings supporting the output shaft but the bearings are side by side so things are kind of in a gray area. Yes I think is okay to have some side load on these shafts, but I would not suggest teams cantilevering load if the sprocket or gear is going to be far out on the shaft.

You can probably get away with it is you have a single sprocket and are not using the encoder (which spaces the load out).

Joe J.

Thank you for your reply but can you answer why a 3/32" allen srench only works on half my screws? As of right now my only solution is to cut them out and buy and replace them with new ones from BB.

I don’t have an answer. Have you tried a metric hex wrench? It seems unlikely, but I suppose it is possible that a few metric screws got mixed in the bin where ever BB has them assembled?

Anyone else having this issue?

Very odd.

Joe J.

are you using a VEX allen wrench? they’re not quite up to spec…and will strip out a screw that is really tight.

See this thread:

All of the Banebots screws are metric (I had fun taking it apart), and if you dont use metric then you will strip the socket heads.

Ah. Thank you.

Whoa! I don’t know how I missed seeing that picture earlier but to me, that is about the scariest picture I have seen in a long time.

Perhaps the bearings inside that gearbox are better than I thought, but I would have never never never hung a sprocket that far out on that shaft.

I am thinking that the only way they got away with it was that they weren’t really using it in competition and they must not have had the grippiest of tires.

Looking at that picture sends shivers down my spine! Really – read this post for more on my views of emotion and engineering.

Joe J.

They are definitely metric. Go get your self a good set of ball end metric allen wrenches.

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We were experiencing the same problem with the gearbox as well, the bushing was indeed too long. It was trimmed with the lathe and voila!

Anywhere I could get specs on the gearbox? (load capacity, structural integrity, etc.) We’re thinking of using these for our bot’s chain-driven 4WD, but we aren’t sure what they can handle.