Banebot gearboxes unavailable?

The Banebot site has a message that indicates that, due to overwhelming demand, they won’t have any gearboxes available for their motors until mid-February! Are there any other sources for Banebot gearboxes, or any other manufacturer that makes gearboxes that are compatible with Banebots motors?

The gearbox that is not available is the custom P60 7nn gear boxes. The STOCK P60 7nn gearbox is still available in 4 different rations.

Jason Law

Thanks for the info…the anxiety level went up a bit for a while there =)

After clicking on any of the P60 gearboxes, there is a message that states, “All P60 gearboxes have a 5-10 business day lead time.” Since that does not include shipping time, it is quite delayed. Kind of difficult for us rookie teams.:yikes:

This super solution might help!

We ordered a stockP80 gear box today from BaneBots and got this email reply.

> As stated on the product page where you ordered, the P80s have a
> current lead time of 10 to 15 business days, so unfortunately it will
> not be ready to ship by Friday. Thank you,
> BaneBots Sales

10 to 15 business days!!! So much for a stock part. :slight_smile:

We are planning to cancel the order and purchase the slightly more expensive 4-stage AndyMark gearbox.

They will arrive just in time so they can be shipped with your robot! Hurray!

FRC build season must be like Christmas time for robot retailers. You know you are going to be crazy busy for a month or so, but you never know exactly what is going to be selling or in what quantities. You stock, conservatively, what you are pretty sure will move, but can’t go crazy because otherwise you’ll have to blow it out at “boxing day” prices. Then you work your butt off trying to meet demand when one of your products, in particular, becomes popular!

I’ve been in this situation before… I believe one year I was able to find the last 36:1 gearbox in North America… Banebots was sold out, but Trossen Robotics had two left. The courier shipment cost more than the gearboxes did, but they were here in less than 48 hours.

In any case, I tip my hat to the folks at Banebots, I’ve been buying from them for years and they have always done absolutely EVERYTHING they can to get the motors and gearboxes out to teams as quickly as possible.

But that doesn’t always help when you have to wait…


I second that statement. My team has used their transmissions almost exclusively since we first saw their stuff in 2007. They are a great company with great customer service. When not during the build season, they usually have my order on a truck on the same day I placed it.

BTW: still waiting for a restock date for the 16 AM 500 hubs we need. Everyone is having the same problem.