Banebot gears usage

Do you know if we are allowed to use the gears provided last year?
The rules say that COTS from previous years are allowed to be used as long they were not custom made for FIRST

Quote: "The item must not be a part custom made for FIRST and provided in the Kit Of Parts for a previous FIRST Robotics competition (e.g. 2006 FRC transmissions, 2006 IFI CMUcam etc.)

The banebot gear is still commercially available and I guess was not custom made for FIRST.

So what do you think? Is it prohibited or not?

we are wondering the same thing

if they are still comercially available, I would say go for it.

If I am misinterpreting the rule please correct me. I think I am correct.


I checked the Official Q&A and this is what i found:

The BaneBots planetary transmissions (like those provided in the 2007 KoP) are commercially available and any revision may be used. The 2006 transmissions are not commercially available and therefore may not be used.