Banebot m7-rs775-18 sprocket???

where do I get a sprocket that will fit that model?

I found the bore of the banebot to be .19in but the ones they sell at gates have max bore of .195in. Also doing further research the belt’s teeth are spaced 5mm apart but they only sell them at 3mm apart and I am having trouble finding belts that match up the pulley. Thank you.

You might want to check out this thread before you consider getting sprockets for that motor.

Could you clarify your question? It’s clear that you want a sprocket that mounts on the Banebots RS775 motor.

Is this a sprocket for chain or toothed belt? If so what pitch?

Doing the research we found that the toothed belts provided in the kit of parts have a pitch of 5mm, but so far we have found stores that offer belts for that sprocket at only 3mm pitch

We have seen the post on Chief Delphi, so far we are assuming that in one year’s time they may have improved the motor or fixed that issue. So far we have run in with no problem but that article on Chief Delphi is still on our mind as we work with the robot design. Thank you.

Are you sure you read the correct thread?

yeah we finally skipped to the last page…hmmm … a dilemma that needs to be overcome… but we still would like to know the knowledge for future reference, how to get the correct sprocket for the motor and belt provided by USFIRST. We were able to find the diameter of the rod on the motor, distance of the teeth on the belt, etc. Maybe it would be helpful if we also knew the terminology too but part of this is to learn new knowledge. Thank you.