Banebot RS-540 Motor?

I noticed today in the motor listings that the Banebot RS-540 is not an allowed motor this year. Why is this? Is there anyway that FIRST could add this to the allowable motor list?
Also, i have a huge favor to ask, in the case no one knows the answer to this, could someone ask this on the FIRST Q&A for me? For some reason i can’t get my login to work.

Thanks all,

The only thing I can think of is that the RS-540 seems to be discontinued.

I noticed that too, but i don’t see why that would cause FIRST to not allow it.

That’s exactly why. Teams that don’t have RS-540s have no way to get them.

What about this? It seems to be very nearly identical with the exception of the model number.

So, are we allowed to use this motor?

It appears not.

Thanks for the information! :slight_smile: