BaneBot Wheels Run off Cim Motor

Hello Everyone. It seems there where quite a few shooters this year that ran off banebot wheels powered from CIM/MiniCIM motors. For those of you teams who ran with this configuration, what hubs or other means did you use to drive your wheels. As always, links appreciated and thanks in advance.

for both our pneumatic shooter wheel and the banebots shooter wheel, we used this adapter to go from the CIM output shaft to a keyed 1/2" bore, which you can buy as an option for the banebots wheels.

We literally just bought an 8mm shaft collar, this AndyMark product, and the wheel. That’s our entire shooter setup.

Same here plus a few rings to retain the height of the wheel

We hooked our mini CIM up to a versaplanetary (which requires some modification of the motor), and geared it at one to one. We had a hex output shaft and hex BB wheels directly on the gearbox.

Sounds familiar :cool:

Is there any detailed documentation that shows how to gear 1:1 with a versaplanetary? I’ve heard of many teams doing this and I can see how it offers an elegant solution to get a decent selection of output shafts for just about any motor. Somehow “one to one gearing versaplanetary” or any variant of that doesn’t turn up well when searched on CD.

Page 20

All you need to do is remove any reduction stage.

It’s almost like we gave that to you during build season :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you perchance say what you did to make the mini CIM run through the Versaplanitary?

Edit: Nevermind, I just found it on Spectrum’s blog.

THANK YOU 3847!!!

How did you keep the adapter on the motor? Is the key enough or did you use some sort of retainer?

Thanks to all of you for your responses!