Banebots 545 outer sleeve ?

can the outer sleeve on the motor be removed without breaking any rules or lowering the functionality of the motor.


As far as I know, removing this ring will significantly reduce the torque of the motor. I would not recommend it.

<R53> would be violated.

<R53> So that the maximum power level of every ROBOT is the same, motors and servos used on the ROBOT shall not be modified in any way, except as follows:
A. The mounting brackets and/or output shaft/interface of the motors may be modified to facilitate the physical connection of the motor to the ROBOT and actuated part.
B. The gearboxes for the Fisher-Price and Globe motors are not considered “integral” and may be separated from the motors.
C. The electrical input leads on the motors may be trimmed to length as necessary.
The intent is to allow teams to modify mounting tabs and the like, not to gain a weight reduction by potentially compromising the structural integrity of any motor. The integral mechanical and electrical system of the motor is not to be modified. Note that FIRST will not provide replacements for modified parts.

I fail to see how this explicitly violates R53, as it’s not really covered by part C, but I wouldn’t do it anyways.

The “sleeve” is called a “flux ring” and is intended to provide a magnetic path to keep the flux closer around the armature and improve the interaction between the field of the windings and the fixed magnets in the motor. If you remove it, it will reduce the power of the motor. By the way, if there is a gap in the ring, it is better to position it over one of the places on the motor where the magnets are located.

It’s modifying the motor, isn’t it? If it isn’t, then it’ll violate the intent of the rule (which isn’t in part C, but in a “footnote” immediately following part C).

It almost certainly isn’t one of the legal modifications. It’s not an output shaft or mounting (part A); it’s not an FP or Globe or a gearbox, really (part B); it’s not a wire lead (part C). Therefore, unless it’s a well-disguised mounting part, it’s not legal.

Sorry I didn’t see this thread before. Removing the ring on the FP motors of the past was considered modifying so if asked I would also rule this way. GDC ruling is the final say though in all matters.