Banebots 775 Pinion Specs

I’ve looked on Banebots web site, searched here, but I am unable to find the Pressure Angle and the Diametral Pitch
for the 15T Pinion(P60P-GM4050) for the RS-775-18V motor.

Does anyone happen to have that data?

Well to respond to my own post and to share with anyone else who might was this information. After emailing Banebots I received the following response:

“The gear is module 0.6 (not DP) with a 20 degree pressure angle.”

Now if I understood things correctly. To convert the module (Mod) to DP
It’s divide 25.4 by the module: 25.4 / 0.6 = 42.33DP

Alternatively, if I get time, I might try:
Divide number of teeth + 2 by the outside diameter
DP = (N+2)/OD

and compare my results.

You are correct that the DP of a 0.6mod gear is 42.333, but Diametral Pitch is used for inch gear sizes, while Module is used for metric gears. It really doesn’t make sense to convert the module of a metric gear to DP for calculations or gearbox design, because it’s much easier to just work with everything in metric.

To calculate the pitch diameter of a metric gear:

Number of Teeth * Module = Pitch Diameter

15t * 0.6mod = 9mm

If you are trying to use this pinion in a custom gearbox, you will probably need to wire EDM cut out (or custom machine) your own custom 0.6mod gears. While 0.6mod is a standard metric gear size, 0.5mod and 0.8mod are much more common sizes to find from suppliers like SDP/SI.

Thanks Arthur.

I’m a “software & controls” guy. Mechanical is a little bit of stretch for me.
So in leading by example, I’m stretching myself. Hopefully the students can follow suit.