Banebots -- Anyone Home???


I sent a couple of emails to Banebots two days ago.

No response whatsoever as yet.

Does anyone have any experience with these folks or are they only interested in taking your money?


There’s a reason they’re called banebots.



The above pretty much sums up my experiences with their service and their products.

Similar experience. Very frustrating.

Joe J.

I think I’ve had them answer a build season email once in 6 years.

If it helps, there is someone awake over there. Our motors shipped (but not our gearboxes) within a couple days. I think we ordered late Tuesday, and they shipped Thursday, but don’t quote me. Despite early orders, late arrivals have put us in some tight spots before, though we’ve never been without them ready and rolling by ship date.

I have had success with calling them on the phone in 2011.