Banebots are Coming!!!

Banebots have posted on their website that they expect to be receiving the 56mm transmissions on April 2 or 3. here is the content of their message on their website:

Expected Back in Stock Tuesday April 3rd.

We apologize for the delay.

Please refer to this brief FAQ before contacting us with questions

The gearboxes will have hardened carrier plates

The pins on the carrier plates will be the correct length

This is a large shipment and we expect to be able to meet all the needs of FIRST teams

The gearboxes were scheduled for manufacturing completion on 2 March, actual completion was 12 March

UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Air Freight) was used as the carrier to transport the gearboxes

UPS picked up the shipment on 13 March with a confirmed delivery NLT 19 March

Shipment was to be flown directly to Denver, Colorado (less than 100 miles from our warehouse)

UPS apparently misrouted the shipment and sent it to Anchorage, Alaska

The shipment was then sent to Los Angeles, California (no reason given)

UPS expects the shipment to be reach Los Angeles and then to be rerouted to Denver and that we should receive it sometime Monday or Tuesday (April 2nd or 3rd)
We will make the gearboxes available for sale as soon as we receive them

Please contact us if you have additional questions

I would still post 56mm transmission availability on the thread “Banebots in Atlanta” if Banebots can’t meet the demand.:slight_smile: