BaneBots Encoder Chip #

Can someone please take a quick look at their BaneBots 56mm encoder and read off the part # on the IC… I’m looking at the G0561.

I think its a philips 74HCT something… Ours is worn off from the wheel, and it’s fried, and I’m trying to replace it… Yeah yeah, I know is surface mount, but its faster than reordering another (which I did, but I dont have the time to wait for it to come in…)

Thank you,

I can’t get to our encoder cards… they are locked up with the robot at school today… but we trashed one this way as well.

We tracked the problem back to excessive end play in the transmission axle shaft, and cured this problem by putting a spacer (3/4" dia. aluminum rod with a 1/2" hole drilled through it, then parted at about 1.5-2mm thick --measure how much you need to take out the endplay, or do it by eyeball and trial and error… you’ve got it right when you can JUST get the circlip back on the shaft to hold it in place) between to two bearings that hold the output shaft in place.

Teams using Banebots gearboxes with Banebots encoders need to be vigilant in montioring for end play. We’ve only had the problem in two of our four trannies so far.

Good luck with the rebuild of the board. Hopefully this helps prevent another team from experiencing this problem.