Banebots gearbox CAD files?

Hello all, working on a off season project. :wink:
I was looking for CAD files for the Banebot P60 gearboxes, and could’t find the file for right one. Specifically this one.
Does anyone know where to find it? Or has it?

EDIT: Looking for the banebot wheels also.

Please check this previous thread:

BaneBots wheel models can be found here:


Sweet, Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Is there another source for the wheels? 1323s site appears to be down.

Sorry to push an old thread. Thanks!


We do apologize for the site being down, we moved servers due to MadStream.

We are working on a new site, waiting to here back from a company that may/may not partner with us to provide a better solution for CAD files.

If you’d like all the BB wheel files I could send them your way or a select amount?



I wish I had found that thread. I just made a CAD last week…

Yes please! PM’d