banebots no longer sells the RS-545 gearboxs. It says out of stock for the 100:1 transmission we wanted for it. currently all of our other motors are bieng used. (we only have the RS-545 and the RS-385 left over) we were planing on using one of the RS-545 in a 100:1 gearbox to drive a mechinism. does anyone know where to get a transmission for one of them?

Try the new P60’s

Right now they have special including mounting kit and motor.

They appear to have the RS-540 gearboxes in stock up to 64:1, you should be able to put the RS-545 motor on it.

Can we oil the chains? Our half links came clean without ban form of lubricant on it.

how would you change the motor, would you have to custom build a mount plate?

The 540, 545, and 550 all use the same mounting scheme, so all you should have to do is remove the motor that comes with the transmission, put the
pinion on the kit motors, then remount it with the screws used on the other.

If you can do something with external sprockets or gears though I would get the P60’s instead. They are designed for the 545 and seem to be pretty solidly constructed (we’re going with them this year).

Also, it doesn’t look like Banebots has discontinued the 545 36mm series. The 16:1 and 20:1 gearboxes in the series are available, I believe they’re just out of the higher ratio transmissions (25:1 and 100:1). Might want to check with them on how long they project it will be until they have more available.