banner sensor positioning and times

My team has been working on getting the banner sensors to work and we where wondering two things as you can tell from the title.

  1. How are other teams positioning and how many banner senors are they using?

  2. How long is it taking them to get to the ball?

Right now we are having problems even guessing if our design will work because we must use lost years bot which is completly different from this years.
We are using three sensors one about three inches in front and on the line while the other two are on either side of the line. Last years bot has costers on the back and we are thinking that the backing end is swinging around farther than this years four wheel drive bot will do and it does not stop on a dime like this years does. Hopefully any input will help us to determine if our way is going to work or if there is a better way to do it. (steps off box) Thank you.

  1. We are using three banners arranged so that two will be on when leaving the line.

  2. We haven’t tested line following yet. Hopefully we’ll get a chance tonight, our drive trains been having issues.

We’re using two Banners (we’re a rookie team and we only have two), one on either side of the line. We’re going to space them out a bit and try to “waddle” down the line. We haven’t been able to test yet because our drive train guys are having some issues. I have no idea if our scheme will work…if not we’re going to dead-reckon using a real-time clock.

We’re rookies too, but we bought a third. The setup has three mostly as a result of an earlier design that got thrown away, but we had already ordered the third, so we decided to use it. :slight_smile:

Team 219 is also using 3 banners, so that only 1 will be on the line at a time. (separated exactly 2 15/32 "). We have tested to make it down the line all the way in roughly 10 seconds. We did try 2 banner sensors, but we needed to reduce speed too much to keep us from getting off the line completely.