Banquet themes........

My school’s band banquet is coming up and our band director has asked for theme ideas. I can’t think of anything, so I figured, why not ask all of you? I would appreciate all ideas, and they would have to be school appropriate, of course. It should be something that is easy to get appropriate food ideas for. Please nobody say Hawaiian. That was last years and it would be annoying to repeat it.

Maybe something cool involving your school’s history? Like have collages of old pictures and photos, and even sports records, band pictures, etc. Depends on how spirited your school is…You could put colleges up of different years, depending also on how old your school is.

Just a small thought. I’ll possibly expand on this when more ideas come to me.

Looks like FIRST likes Hawaiian themes. Team 510 - Hawaii 510 just won the Imagery Award in Virgina. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve done lots of big parties while camping, all with a theme.

Wild Wild West Bar-B-Que is an easy one for decorations, clothing and food - get a local BBQ place to cater it, or just do it simple and make hot dogs, hamburgs, fries, onion rings, salads… baked beans, of course. You can often find cowboy hats and boots at the local thrift store. Boots make good centerpieces with a vase of flowers inside, placed on a bandana on red & white checkered plastic tablecloths. Cowboy hats, turned upside down, are good servers with a bowl of chips in one and a bowl of salsa in another. You can sometimes find rubber snakes in the toy section and put those around, too.

Then there’s the old standby Fifties Diner theme. Guys can wear hair slicked back, girls in ponytails with chiffon scarves around their neck, poodle skirts are easy to make out of felt; white t-shirts and jeans rolled up for the guys, white shirts for the girls, saddle shoes are easy, too - take a plain pair of cheap white sneakers and using a marker, make them look like saddle shoes. Food is the same as above - add milkshakes and colas for drinks.

If yo uneed more ideas, let me know.

Thnks for all of the ideas. Im going to submit a few of them. Tomorow is the last day I’ve got to get them in.