Barker Redbacks 2022 FRC Reveal

The Barker Redbacks (Team 4613) are happy to release our robot for the 2022 Rapid React Season.

Reveal Video

This season is dedicated to the Life of Mike Heimlich,

Thanks especially to our generous sponsors Barker College and IFI . We can’t do it without you!



Nice shots while on the move! I’m excited to see what this looks like on the field. I’m sure Mike would be proud of you.

What size is that robot? It looks very small. I’m certainly impressed you kept it so compact.

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I absolutely love the simplicity of this thing. That small intake will surely help y’all out against those crazy foul calls. Just a well-built, simple machine that I’m sure will cook this season. Best of luck y’all!


Another great bot by the Redbacks! Super clean.

How big is that air tank and where did you get it from?

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Looks like the same tank (or very similar) to the one they used in 2018 and 2019. Looks to be the 1 gallon tank if I had to guess.

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