Barker Redbacks 4613 Robot Reveal 2019

that is our assisted climber vacuum lever :wink:

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that is our shock absorber for hab2/future ground intake.

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Wow cool robot! How does shock absorption with the ground intake work? And what does that plunger thingy do?

Love it


Is this the same size pneumatic tank you had last year? Would you be willing to share any information on brand?

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That’s the same as the small tank from last year (not the larger tank). You want to look for someone who does air suspension for vehicles. Our supplier is: Boss Air Suspension - Good Luck this season!

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The shock absorption arm is basically a extension on the back of the robot, powered by pneumatic actuators that create a “soft” landing for the back wheels when the robot drops from HAB2 at the beginning of the match ( the front wheels already have a soft stop ,in this case the bumpers).

The “plunger thingy” is a custom vacuum suction cup, used to create better leverage when climbing with other robots or when using less space on the plataform while climbing alone ( a lot less space).

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Nice job!!!

How does your ball pick up work and how are you able to eject out the sides of intake?

They pick up balls using a roller and eject it sideways with a conveyer belt system below

Thank you Redbacks, Very cool!

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As @azure1test said, we use a conveyer belt on a bag motor to eject the Cargo sideways.


Very impressive robot.
Looking forward to watching it in action in Sydney.

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Thanks PeterK - we’re looking forward to playing in both regionals! :slight_smile:

Absolutely amazing.

This is just amazing. Can’t wait to see you guys in action at the Quebec City Regional.

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very nice, great job

That is insane! Love the climber!

Like every year, simply Brilliant. The climber is most impressive.


We are thrilled we’ll be able to join you in Quebec - we’ve heard great things about your city!

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