Barker Redbacks Excellent Adventure 2017

They have four regional wins, one regional chairman’s award, one regional engineering inspiration award, two regional excellence in engineering awards, one Dean’ list finalist, and one Woodie Flowers finalist.

They have traveled well over 20,000 miles so far, and they have at least 10,000 to go. Luckily for them, [strike]St. Louis[/strike] Houston is (kinda) on their way home. (see thumbnail)

Congratulations, 4613! Your travel route looks like a giant check-mark for the 2017 FRC season.

Barker has done insanely well this year, and proves that they are truly worthy of their TeamIFI title. I look forward to seeing them on the world stage

Thank you.

Yes its been a marathon:

  • 3 Continents

  • 5 events

  • 48,000Km (30,000 Miles)

  • and it isn’t over yet!

It was amazing to see you guys compete at your regionals. Excellent robot and great people with each award well deserved. Good luck in Houston!

After observing 4613 the entire NYC regional (their pit was just two away from ours) and then partnering with them in the playoffs, I can attest to the fact that 4613 is a class-act team. In addition to having a terrific robot, their students and mentors were great representatives of “gracious professionalism”. Three examples:

-early in the tournament they were struggling to get their trademark 40kpa, and they eventually realized there was something wrong with the field setup that was causing them to not get many balls from the hoppers. They calmly worked with the ftas to get this solved. This took the field techs a while and cost 4613 a few ranking points. A lot of teams would have been angrily complaining. But 4613 took it in stride and worked through it.

-just before the second quarter finals game, the field techs told 4613 they were using too much network bandwidth. All evidence that I could see suggested they were only using about 3mbps, but the ftas were saying they wouldn’t let them play like that. I’m not quite sure what happened then by as far as I could tell 4613 was prepared with a backup camera that used less bandwidth. They set it up right there on the field while the field setup was occurring. Inadvertently, though, they mounted it upside down and had to play the whole game with the camera flipped. The drivers handled it in stride and won the game regardless.

-after we had apparently won the quarterfinals 2-0, the field techs told us they needed to replay the first game because of a field fault - presumably this same bandwidth issue which I doubt was their fault to begin with. Not only that, but the robot that was subbed out to play the second game would be allowed back in because we were replaying the first game. I was pretty incredulous about this, but again, 4613 took in stride and went out there and performed admirably again, winning the quarterfinals (3-0, in my book!)