Barn2Robotics Drivetrain Lighting

Led strips + CNC’d numbers = awesome

These are really cool! Just ake sure you know that these numbers are not legal (by themselves).

Per R2:

A. consist of numerals at least 3.5 in. high, at least 0.5 in. in stroke width,
and be **black **in color with a **white background** extending at least 1 in.
from the edges of the numbering,
B. be positioned around the ROBOT such that an observer walking around
the perimeter of the ROBOT can unambiguously tell the Team’s number
from any point of view
The intent is that the Team’s number is clearly visible and unambiguous so that Judges, Referees, Announcers, and other Teams can easily
identify competing ROBOTS. Consider the numbers as the license plates for your ROBOT.
NOTE: Impact font, size 362pt., shown in Figure 4-1, meets the stroke and height requirements for all digits.

Something you could to to make it even better IMO is you can put a slightly opaque plastic in the box tube and put the lights in that. It gives a more glowing effect instead of looking directly at LEDs.