Base Drawings for OCCRA

Hello all,
We have tried everything to open the .dwg files. I believe they were drawn with Autocad2004 and nothing we have tried will open them. We have tried many different viewers and converters. Non of which support 2004 autocad format.
Is there anyway to post them in a pdf format? We are having trouble making the goals to spec.
Thanks for any help,
Team 27

If you use the drawings ( blue) given out at the kick off you can make the base with no problem.

The upper structure is another problem. I am working on that with Justin.

Hope to have a answer soon.

Attached is a ACAD 10 Rough 2D reference Drawing… Use the list command on the center lines of the nipples to get the lengths…

Note: the Tees are 1-1/2" Sanitary tees.

We have built these goals and the lengths are good…

Good Luck…

Paul E. Rogers

goals.dwg (22.1 KB)

goals.dwg (22.1 KB)

Attached is a photo of parts of the goals. they may help in determining the way the tees are facing…

Paul E. Rogers

Attached is another Photo of short goal.

Another one

Send me your email address and I’ll send you the latest files saved in ACAD2000

Paul E. Rogers

PS I can send a few more pics.

Your email has to accept a few megs…

[email protected]