Base program for an all-NEO Swerve Drive?

Hi, guys. Our team is developing a swerve drive this year, and me, being the lead student programmer, am responsible for programming it. I am struggling to find a good base for our all-neo swerve drive. I have tried converting code from a CAN-Talon swerve, but it doesn’t really work. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place or a team that may have a good Neo swerve drive programmed that I could use as a base for my team’s? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Jack in The Bot (2910) had a great all NEO swerve module on their competition robot this year. They released their competition code on Github. I think they mentioned that they would release base code for a simple robot at some point, but to my knowledge they have not done so yet. I would go read through their code for examples on how everything works.


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