Base Speed Fluctuating

Hey, I have programmed most of my code for the FLL Cargo Connect 2021-22 challenge. I’ve come back to it after a few days to test and get ready for final submission and the robot is veering off everything. The speed is faster, the turns are slower, the normal motor (for the arm) is off too. Do you know any way to fix this or to calibrate? I have already done base motor calibration with the “Set 1 motor rotation to x cm”.

This particular forum is mainly focused on the FRC competition. You will get far more relevant responses if you post your question on the FLL Forum or on the FLL Challenge: Share and Learn facebook page. There are many more people with high levels of relevant experience that can help you. It would also be very helpful if you posted a video of your robot on the other forum and on the facebook page.

Is your battery fully charged?

FLL robots not driving straight is a common problem, especially if going a longer distance than 2 - 3 ft due to a number of different factors. Each additional turn or change of direction will introduce more error. More advanced navigation techniques such as using sensors, following walls and/or squaring up on walls or mission models are necessary to make the FLL robots arrive at the desired destination with adequate accuracy and consistency when traveling longer distances.

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