Bash at the Beach - DIRECTIONS?

Can anyone give me some good directions to Bash and which school is it being held in? Also, will consessions be selling lunch food there?


I assume your main team contact should already have this bit of info but just in case you were over looked here ya go:

It is finally here!

5th Annual Bash@theBeach!
Saturday, September 20, 2003
Lyme-Old Lyme High School Gymnasium

Hosted by FIRST teams
236 - Techno Ticks, Lyme-Old Lyme High School
521 - L33t Crew, Waterford High School;

Sponsored by
Dominion Millstone Power Station

Attached will find a word document that contains many of the details for this year’s Bash@theBeach, including a schedule of the day’s events and directions to the high school.

Please reply to me ([email protected]) or give me a call w:(860)665-4565, c:(860)460-6559 to let me know that you and your team are still attending the Bash@theBeach. Also, if you could please give me an approximate number of people you will bringing to the event.

We still currently have room for about 4 more teams to attend, so if you have friends on teams and you don’t see their names on the following list, please contact them and get them to the Bash!

38 NonneBots
121 Rhode Warriors
125 NU-Trons
155 Techno-Nuts
173 R.A.G.E. Robotics
175 Buzz Robotics
178 Farmington High School
190 WPI
195 CyberKnights
237 SIEH20Bots
348 Norwell Robotics
500 Team USA, Coast Guard Academy
596 SciClones
716 Who’sCTEKS
809 Techno Wizards
1085 NFA
1099 Brookfield
1124 Avon High School

Again, Thanks to all teams that have registered, and we will see you September 20!

Matt Starkey
Bash@theBeach Organizational Committee
Mentor Team 236 - Techno Ticks
Lyme-Old Lyme High School

Northeast Utilities
Transmission Protection and Control
(860) 665-4565
[email protected]

Here’s what the attached Word Document contains:

Bash@theBeach – September 20, 2003

Thanks for registering for the 5th Annual Bash@theBeach off season FIRST Robotics beach party and robot competition.  The Bash@theBeach is an informal FIRST style competition designed to showcase high school student talent and reinforce the importance of business sponsorship for this outstanding educational program.  Attached below are many of the details of how the 5th Annual Bash@theBeach will be run and some of the ground rules for competition.  If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, please contact Matt Starkey at [email][email protected][/email] , work phone (860) 665-4565, or cell phone (860) 460-6559.

Location – Lyme-Old Lyme High School Gymnasium
Lyme-Old Lyme High School School Contacts: William Derry
69 Lyme St. John Goss
Old Lyme, CT 06371 John Byrne

Directions are attached at the end of this document

7:30 am - Pits Open
8:00 am - Field Open for Practice
9:00 am – 9:15 am - Opening Ceremonies
9:15 am - Qualification Rounds Begin
11:30 am – 12:30 pm - Lunch
11:30 am – 12:30 pm - Robot Olympics
12:30 pm - Qualification Rounds Resume
3:30 pm - Qualification Rounds End, Alliances Announced
4:00 pm – 5:15 pm - Elimination Finals
5:30 pm - Closing Ceremonies

As you can see, the schedule is very tight, especially considering that we would like every team to play in 7-8 qualification matches.  Please do your best to get to the on-deck area when your team is called, keeping in mind that we have a lot of matches to play, and several teams have a long ride home.  If you have technical problems with your robot, and you need more time between matches, we are always willing to rotate some matches around to ensure everyone gets a chance to play their 7-8 qualification matches.

Ground Rules
· Safety - Top Priority - Safety Glasses while working on robots and in the player station, safe distance from front edge of field…
· Gracious Professionalism – This is an off-season event designed to showcase student talents and hard work
· Lyme-Old Lyme High School is allowing us to use their facility - we must stay in the gym, the Cafeteria, or the Restrooms and that is it

Lunch will be available for sale in the school cafeteria, prepared and served by the Boy Scouts of America. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Soda, Juice, etc. will be available. Prices will be reasonable and proceeds go to the Boy Scouts of America. There is a grocery store just down the street and fast food restaurants located just across the river in Old Saybrook if you would prefer. Also, there is no rule against bringing your own lunches.

Due to the size of the gymnasium, and the number of teams attending, the pits will not be the standard 10’ x 10’ area. The pits will be cozy, so please respect your neighbors space. Each two pit areas will be furnished with single 3’ x 8’ table to share between the two pit areas.

Machine Shop
With the size of the bits, and the number of teams sharing the gymnasium, teams are encouraged to leave any portable machining capabilities at home. In emergency situations, teams can have access to the Lyme-Old Lyme High School Machine Shop and Robot Prototyping Facility. Please see an official Bash@theBeach volunteer for access to the machine shops.

Judged Awards
A panel of judges will be wandering through the pits and watching matches throughout the day, selecting teams for the following awards:

Most Prestigious award - our version of the Chairman’s award
The Millstone Power Station, Gracious Professionalism Award -
Awarded to the team that demonstrates the understanding and good practices of the wonders of science, technology, and engineering, while also demonstrating teamwork, spirit, and the thrill of competition. This award in short, goes to the team that best represents the spirit of FIRST.

Beach Bums - The Robot and Team that best capture the essence of the BEACH!
Most Crowd Stirring - The Team that gets the crowd to the edge of their seats.
Most Photogenic - The Robot/Team that can not stay away from those cameras.
The KISS Robot - Keep it Simple and Smart, for simple but effective design.
Teacher’s Pet - The Robot/Team that is the Judges’ Favorite.
Most Diverse Robot - The Robot that can do it all.
Spirit Award - The team that gets the house ROCKIN’, on and off the field.
Most Futuristic Design - The Robot that drives technology of the future.
All Business - The Team that is serious about their robotics and their FUN.

Performance Based Awards
Teams will be recognized for the following performance achievements:

Top Qualifiers - The team with the highest qualification point average.
Champion Alliance - The three teams comprising the Elimination Round Champions.
Finalists - The Alliance that competes in the Final Elimination Round.

Referees will be watching closely throughout the Qualification matches to select teams deserving of the following awards:

Best Play of the Day - Chosen by the Referees for the most outstanding single performance on the field.
Coolest Under Fire - Chosen by the Referees for the team that overcomes the most adversity in a single round

Robot Olympics
During the lunch break, and on the main field, robots are encouraged to participate in the following Robot Olympic Events. Participation in these events is strictly voluntary.

Blazing Bots – Awarded to the robot that can negotiate from the starting zone to the top of the ramp and back in the shortest time.
Coolest Trick - Can your robot JUGGLE? Can your Robot Stand on it’s CPU? Can your robot do a flip? This award is given to he Robot that can perform the coolest trick as judged by the Robot Olympic Referees. This trick can be anything that your robot can do, by design or not. Props are strictly encouraged.
Top Stacker - Can your robot Stack? Awarded to the robot that can build the tallest stack in the shortest time.
Ultimate Human Player - The Human Player from each team will have no longer than 15 seconds to build the tallest stack. In the case of tie, a stack off will be held to determine the Ultimate Human Player.

Competition Rules
We will not be making any rule changes from the 2003 FIRST game, Stack Attack. We will not be performing robot inspections, but trust that the teams participating are gracious and professional enough to keep their robots safe and with in compliance with the rules.

As there have been many controversial rulings on TIPPING, I would like to take this opportunity to describe our philosophy on the tipping rule.  Teams will not be disqualified for tipping unless there is an obvious intent to tip a robot with the sole purpose of taking that robot out of the match.  It can be expected that during autonomous mode and during those fierce battles for dominance on top of the ramp that robots will tip over.  We believe that is just part of the game.  We would like to encourage teams to behave graciously and professionally on the field, keeping in mind that the team you tip may just end up being your alliance partner in another match.

Qualification Rounds
Qualification matches are based on qualification round rules for the 2003 FIRST game, Stack Attack. Every team should be able to play 7 or 8 qualification matches if we can keep things moving on the field. A schedule of randomly generated matches and alliances will be provided in the morning. Qualification points (QPs) for each match will be awarded as follows: teams on the winning alliance will receive their own alliance score plus 2 times their opponent’s alliance score, teams on the opposing alliance will receive their own score. QP average, with the lowest score thrown out, will be used to generate qualification round rankings.

Elimination Finals

Finals alliances will be comprised of 3 teams. The team in the alliance that sits out in the first match MUST play in the second match, unless that robot is not functional. Finals alliances will be based on qualification rankings and alliances will be announced at the end of the qualification rounds. Because of our tight schedule we will NOT be holding a DRAFT for finals alliances. Depending on the number of teams that attend, some teams may need to play on two different finals alliances. The option to play on two finals alliances will be based on qualification rankings, but the decision to play on two finals alliances will be left up to the team in question. There will be no penalty for refusing to play on no more than one finals alliance. In the case where a team playing on two finals alliances ends up facing their own alliance, the team in question will default to the higher ranked alliance (based on qualification rank) and a substitute team will be placed on the other alliance.

Finals will be an elimination bracket based on the 2003 rules for elimination matches. Elimination Points (EPs) for a match will be awarded as follows: teams on winning alliance will receive their own alliance score plus 2 times their opponent’s alliance score, teams on the opposing alliance will receive their own score. The alliance with the highest total EPs at the end of two matches will move on to the next round. In the case of a tie, a third, tie-breaking match will be played.

And Last but not least:

Directions to Lyme-Old Lyme High School

From I-95 North
Use Exit 70 – Old Lyme. The exit is at the end of the bridge that crosses the Connecticut
River, so stay over in the Right Lane on the Connecticut River bridge.
Take a Left at the Bottom of the Ramp following the signs for Rt. 1 – Stay in the right
lane of the two lanes that turn left. This will take you under I-95.
At the second light, take a right, following Rt. 1 – this will take you past the A&P
Grocery Store in the Old Lyme Shopping Plaza
At the second light, take a right – this takes you back under I-95
The Entrance to the Lyme-Old Lyme High School is just ahead on the left. The road is located just before the Old Lyme Fire House which is on the Left.

From I-95 South
Use Exit 70 – Old Lyme
Take a Left at the Bottom of the Ramp – This will take you under I-95
The Entrance to the Lyme-Old Lyme High School is just ahead on the left. The road is located just before the Old Lyme Fire House which is on the Left.

Coming Down Rt. 9 South
At the end of Rt. 9, get onto I-95 North, and stay in the right lane. Follow directions above “From I-95 North”

Coming Down I-395 South
Get onto I-95 South and follow directions above “From I-395 South”

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