Bash at the beach Music

Hey everyone,

What i want to know from all of you is what music you want for the Bash at the Beach,

Post a list of the songs you want and i will do my best to make sure we load them onto the computer for the competition.

I will be accepting requests on the forum until Thursday after that the music has to be loaded on the computer and packed up for the bash.

See you all There,


Team 521 Alumni
Team [we just registered the other day] college mentor

Anything by Ted Leo, Celldweller, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Goldfinger. That about does it for now.

Some of my first favorites (No clue on the real names!)

The Six Flags song

Bang On the drum all day

Hot Hot Hot

The conga line song? haha

Goldfinger- 99 Red Balloons
Green Day- Any
The Bravery- Honest Mistake
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sir Mix Alot- Jump on it
The Killers- Mr. Brightside
The Killers- Somebody told me
Weezer- Beverly Hills
Linkin Park- Any
HelloGoodbye- Touchdown Turnaround
Fall Out Boy- Sugar We’re going down
Crazy Frog- Axel F
Blink 182
A-ha- Take on me

And any other needed robotics music like Cotton Eyed Joe, w00t I cant wait for Bash

Tom what i love about you is how specific you are all the time
Ill see what i can do though…

Vengaboys - We Like To Party

Todd Rundgren - Bang on the Drum All Day

Buster Poindexter and His Banshees Of Blue - Hot Hot Hot

(not sure on this last one, though I belive it’s simply:) The Conga Song

Of course we will want Sandstorm… Otherwise pretty much anything that FIRST plays at the regionals or has already been listed in this thread.

But here are a few others that would be cool:

On this page on Newgrounds Audio, the songs Nightfall and A Fast Trance Build. On this page, DDR Technotic Butterfly. (Sorry, but I can’t figure out how to directly link to their songs. I know that these are free [and legal] to download.)

Rob Zombie/White Zombie, Crazy Frog, Green Day, Bravery, My Chemical Romance, Killers, Modest Mouse, Darude - Sandstorm, , Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Amber, Good Charlotte, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt

Old school stuff: Survivor, Def Leppard, Ace Of Base, Guns and Roses (YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?? YOU’RE IN THE JUNGLE BABY!!!), Whitesnake, Warrant, Metallica, Meatloaf (Paradise by the Dashboard Lights comes to mind), MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, New Kids On The Block (HA HA HA)

Dance stuff, Rednex - Cotton Eyed Joe, Village People - YMCA, Van McCoy - The Hustle, Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Time Warp!!!, Electric Slide, Locomotion, stuff like that…

Can’t forget the Halloween stuff too, Halloween (The Movie) theme, Monster Mash, This Is Halloween from Nightmare before Christmas and other family favorites. ELO - Strange Magic, Eagles - Witchy Woman for some classics.

Robotics stuff: We Are The Robots by Kraftwerks, umm… some stuff like that.

I’m sure I have plenty more… but that’s a start.

Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound machine - The Conga.

HA HA HA BE like WPI and play Boom Boom Boom Boom about 15 times during the day as well… LMAO :rolleyes:

keep em comming Elgin !

Hey, this is Bash@theBEACH! Can we have some Beach Boys and/or Jimmy Buffett? Plus, the weather’s supposed to be cool and rainy, so we need some beach music.

definently some beach boys!! :smiley:

Blake Shelton -“Some Beach”
Sir Mix Alot- “Baby Got Back”
Casper- “Cha Cha Slide”
The Killers
Def Leapord
maybe some Techno

pretty much anything we can have fun an dance to just like regionals… :slight_smile:
always a blast!

Being an alumni of 521 and a current Hokie, I would be cheating myself and others if I didn’t say “Enter Sandman.”

and of course 867-5309/Jenny I got your number

REM - End of the world as we know it
OAR - crazy game of poker
Styx - Renegade
Europe - The Final Countdown

Smash Mouth
Pink Floyd

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Stand my Ground
Hampton and the Hampsters - The Hampster Dance
DJ Scooter - Ramp (the logical song)

This song:

Keep em comming guys, we have to play music all day!

TIME WARP!!! :slight_smile:

Play that at least 47 times, or Im wont treat you to Thai for dinner, Xufer.

what ever happened to the cha cha slide? can you play that for some visiting alum of 236??

Takin’ a gander at this page here:

You definitely have a plethora of music to choose from for the Bash that people in FIRST listen to and would more than likely like to hear at a competition…

And some more from myself in the key of Robots:

They Might Be Giants - Robot Parade
Styx - Mr. Roboto
Tatu - Robot
Aquabats - Ska Robot Army
Anything from the Original Motion Picture Sountrack to Robots
I can actually bring that CD if ya want… it’s all clean and edited for a family crowd. :slight_smile:

Oh, ya the whole DSATKB collection.