Bash at the Beach Team List

This is the team list as of today.

|Team Name|Team Number|
|Bobcat Robotics|177|
|Farmington High School FIRST Robotics Team|178|
|Torrington Robotics|Rookie 202000185|
|Aetos Dios|7153|
|Ledyard Cyber Colonels|1740|
|Elm City Robo Squad|558|
|Apple Pi|2067|
|Aces High Robotics|176|
|The Dragons - 4H Robotics Team|1991|
|Disruptive Technologies|7462|
|FullMetal Falcons|4557|
|ALuminum Falcons|2168|
|Peter Moore|571|
|Bizarbots Robotics|5494|
|Team MAX|1071|
|Stem Whalers|3719|


THS Robotics has an official number now 8107

@MooreteP Iā€™m a big fan of your new team name :wink:


I should have read the list before i posted it! Sorry Pete but team 571 is as we know Team Paragon from Windsor,Ct.

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Team 4557 is looking forward to going back to Bash!

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