BASH at the Beach

The TechnoTicks and friends are again hosting Bash At The Beach to be held Oct 3rd at the Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School.

Registration is free; we only ask a donation to help fund the Connecticut FLL program.

Details are here:

We will also be holding a meeting of NE area teams wishing to organize travel plans to Atlanta this year early to help keep costs down, such as chartering a plane.


Team 1519 is looking forward to participating in Bash at the Beach again in 2009.

I sent in a query last Friday to the email address listed under “registration” on the web page, but haven’t heard back from Matt yet. Is there a different contact address I should be using instead?


Awesome! I’m hoping to be able to come home for Bash at the Beach, it has always been one of my favorite off-season events. :slight_smile: I’m going to California for the SWE National Conference in October and I was worried that they would overlap, but it looks like I’m in luck!

I’ll be holding a brief Introduction to FIRST presentation for new team mentors, students, parents, sponsors, etc.

I’ll also be hosting a NEMO meeting at Bash.

Contact me for more details. kkentfield [at] usfirst [dot] org.

What is the fee for a pre-rookie team to register for this event?

There is no fee for registration. We are asking for at least a $50 donation to CT FLL. You can register at

We will try to have a couple of extra robots for the rookies to use…so come and join the fun!

Looks like Bash is less than a week away! I’m certainly looking forward to it.

Any idea on a schedule or a team list?

The school will be open by 7:30 am…we will start at 9 am…send an email at the link at

**BASH@The Beach October 3, 2009 **
Lyme Old Lyme Middle School

6:30 am - Gym open for set up, final details, signs out on road.
7:30 am - Pits open
8:00 am - Field open for practice
9:00 am–9:15 am - Opening ceremonies
9:15 am - Qualification rounds begin
9:30 New mentors, parents, team workshop. Kathy Kenfield
10:30 NEMO workshop Kathy Kenfield
11:30 am–12:30 pm - Lunch (rounds will continue until a convenient stopping point)
12:30 pm - Qualification rounds resume
2:30 pm - Qualification rounds end, alliances announced
2:45 pm–4:30 pm - Elimination finals
4:30 pm - Closing ceremonies

Alright folks, less than 20 hours until BASH AT THE BEACH!!!

I’m soooo excited for tomorrow!!!:yikes:

How did it go? Updates?

Okay, BIG thanks to teams 236, 1699, 1740, 2168, and 2067 for hosting, volunteers, you made getting up at 3:30 this morning soooo worth it! :]

Teams 558 and 839, it was really nice having you guys on our alliance and it was really nice being able to make it to the semi-finals with you guys!

Congratulations teams 40, 238, and 1099 on their victory today!

Don’t remember all of the other awards. Been 18+ hours time for bed.:rolleyes:

The TechnoTicks want to thank all the teams who came to the BASH yesterday. You certainly made our 11th BASH a rousing success! Your contributions to the CT FLL will help ensure the continued success of this effort.

We want to thank our fellow hosts 1699, 1740, 2168, and 2067 for all the hard work they did.

It was also great seeing the enthusiasm from the rookie teams present. The CT Regional will certainly rock in 2010!

Team 40 would like to thank everyone who was involved in running this great event.

You guys did an excellent job, it was great to just play the game with little to no interaction from the refs. I personally didn’t here a penalty call all day. Thank You!

Thank you to team 238, and 1099 for being awesome partners.

A belated but big thanks to teams 236, 1699, 1740, 2168, and 2067 for hosting yet another awesome Bash! And thanks to Kathy Kentfield for a thorough, detailed and informative NEMO session. Finally, 1519 and 839, we’ve seen you play many times of the past few years; it was great finally working with you! As always, Bash is a great way to kick off the FIRST season. Our new team members were totally hooked!:slight_smile:

The TechnoTicks and friends are again hosting Bash At The Beach to be held Oct 2nd at the Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School.

What: Bash at the Beach
When: Saturday, October 2nd, 2010. Doors open at 7am and the event starts at 9am.
Where: Lyme- Old Lyme Middle School, CT
Cost: $100 per team
Capacity: Space is limited.
Additional Info: It’s a “Beach” theme, come prepared! Contact [email protected] for more info.

Details are here:

I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it back home for the Bash this year!

This is a great way to get prospective students, parents, mentors, sponsors and school administrators to understand what FIRST is all about. I’m hosting an “Introduction to FIRST” session immediately following Opening Ceremonies. I’ll briefly explain what FIRST is and then take everyone on a quick tour of the competition.

I’m also holding a NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) meeting for adult mentors at 10am. It will be an open discussion of all non-technical topics of interest.

Hope to see you there!

A slight change in the times of the sessions I’m doing - 9:30am for the Intro to FIRST session and 10:30am for the NEMO meeting.

Any info on the 2011 Bash? I’d love to volunteer!